Thursday, March 08, 2007

RCMP concerned about snowmobiles operating on lakes and ponds

The Deer Lake RCMP is expressing concern over snowmobilers who have been operating their sleds on area lakes and ponds. During recent patrols, police officers discovered snowmobile operators driving deliberately over open water.

As recent as Friday, RCMP officers observed snowmobile tracks on Deer Lake near Boom Siding that had gone out off the edge of the ice over open water. Police officers are aware of situations where snowmobile operators do this as a lark. The RCMP would like to severely caution those taking such risks as this is a recipe for disaster. The RCMP does not recommend operating snowmobiles on ice under any circumstances.

However, if operators feel they must venture out onto ice, there are some guidelines they should guide themselves by. For new, clear hard ice, thickness should be a minimum of five inches for walking and six inches for snowmobiles. No one should ever venture near open water.

The Telegraph - Last updated at 10:31 AM on 06/03/07

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