Thursday, March 20, 2008

Evening Snowmobile Ride on Marble Mountain

We team up with local friend John and his wife Marilyn, and her two sisters - for a night time snowmobile ride. WOW - this was good. Its snowing, with a full moon, and of course freezing cold. The ride, starting from My Newfoundland Adventures shop at Steady Brook, goes up the side of Marble Mountain (due south) ... and is a clearly marked trail. (Its the one MNA use for their 2 hour ride for first timers.

Frustratingly for local snowmobilers, the trail is not groomed often enough ... but even so, its a good run, and after about 40 minutes we arrive at the Chill-Down-Shack.

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These shacks are maintained by the Trial Association - all local snowmobile owners buy a trial sticker (approx $75 pa) which helps support the grooming and shacks etc - its really an oversized garden shed ... but equally, a welcome sight when its cold and you're looking to warm up and have some lunch! Inside is a iron stove, a pile of wood and a picnic bench. Its clean, tidy and obviously cared for - despite the remoteness of its location ... (wouldn't last one night in the UK without being burnt down by some dim-wit youth!).

John connects a cable from the shack to his snowmobile and suddenly theres lights in the cabin. (How very unexpected, and civilised). He reappears in the shack with an axe (!!) and quickly dices up some logs, sets the fire, and breaks out the hot chocolate. We all share stories about our Dog Sledding experiences in Gros Morne - and general amusement about the snowmobile ride.

Interestingly, the three sisters keep referring to Cinderella - but we've not yet worked out which one is which (if you see what I mean).

We clear our mess, and fire up the sleds - and in 40 short minutes we're back down at the base of Marble Mountain. We're all very happy, smiling and generally feeling we've had another great evening - beats wasting a night watching Eastenders, or worst, spending the night flicking through the Canadian satellite channels ... and I thought Sky was poor ... not any more!

Joking apart ... we've had a great evening - you should try an "Evening Snowmobile Ride" - A lot of fun!

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