Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Deer Lake [International] Airport ???

DEER LAKE — Gerry Byrne says an announcement will soon be made granting the Deer Lake Regional Airport full-time customs services. In a prepared release, the Liberal member of parliament for Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte said Tuesday he is confident the decision to offer permanent, government-funded customs services is coming soon.

Byrne said people can also get used to calling the airport Deer Lake International. The Deer Lake Airport Authority has been lobbying the federal government to establish a full-time customs presence to service charter flights from Europe bringing passengers into Humber Valley Resort.

Federal cabinet minister Loyola Hearn, in a speech to the Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade a year ago, indicated that an announcement of Deer Lake’s upgraded status as an international port of entry would be coming within weeks. However, no such announcement followed.

The long-time MP said his reasons for increased optimism are vaild, given that June 18 — the day before parliament closed for the summer — the federal government “quietly” reversed itself and established full customs services at the airport servicing the resort town of Mont Tremblant in the province of Quebec.
“It’s time for the Conservative government to understand that they have a responsibility to be fair to all Canadians,” Byrne said. “Two resorts, one in Quebec and one in Newfoundland, both looking for government-funded customs services. The one from Quebec gets it, the one from Newfoundland does not. “The Conservative government needs to answer why? And since there is no reasonable, logical answer, I can only conclude that it is because Deer Lake Regional Airport is days away from receiving its own full-time customs services as well.
“There can be no other explanation. Now we just have to wait and see for a few days.”

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