Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Business scruples ???

Someone recently asked why my website at looks similar to the My Newfoundland Adventures website at ...

I had to explain to them that I created (and paid for) the design and its copyright, and built both websites using dreamweaver/CS3, php, mysql and various javascript extensions. The design in every sense is owned by me, and though built for My Newfoundland Adventures and its owner Mr Marty Hanzalek, he has ever since refused to pay for the design copyright and the many hundreds of hours I spent building the dynamic websites database and back end pages.

He now claims he owes nothing - and as he now won't even talk to us to try to work out the situation, we're about to debate the point in the Newfoundland Supreme Court.

I just wanted those that had spotted similarities to know that there is no business relationship between this website, its owners etc, and My Newfoundland Adventures and its owner Mr Martin Hanzalek.


By the way, this is not the only thing we will be debating at the Supreme Court as we have several other major issues with this 'company' that we need to sort out. No doubt these will be aired in the near future by the appropriate channels.


Anonymous said...

It's disappointing that this has to go to the Supreme court. I respect your determination to see this through because I'm not sure I would have the energy and/or resources to fight for myself if I were similarly wronged by someone. I wish you the best of luck.

Unknown said...

We simply want to be treated fairly, and this is someone that thinks they can ignore normal logic. Hence more determination than in normal circumstances.

Then again this is someone with a very public track record:

Anonymous said...

Great to see that you are moving forward with this situation. MR. Hanzlek has has bulled his way in tourism up to this point and almost everyone that has had any dealings with him and his company has been burned or taken advantage of.
Newfoundlander's are very kind genuine and trusting people, its to bad that Marty sees this as a weakness and feels that he can take full advantage of our hospitality.

Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Why is this blog slamming a local business like this? I thought this blog was about Newfoundland and Tourism and working together to bring people to our province?

Somehow this has turned into an attack onto a local business, and something about this smells really gross.

If you have an issue you should deal with it in court or at an appropriate venue where both sides can be represented. Being childish and promoting gossip and rumors is not why people visit this blog.

I think I am not so Crazy About this blog anymore.

Bill D.

Unknown said...

Bill D ???

Please write to me at
bill @
I would like to explain to you why things sometimes need to be put in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

You are Dan Gray right? You must be the guy who originally wanted to partner with Newfoundland Adventures?

We heard all sorts of good stories about you at first, but our understanding is you were trying to gain a Canadian Citizenship through buying a business?

If this is true then it is dirty.

I hate seeing small business get exploited by a slimy limy like yourself. Please go back to europe, wherever you are from, and stop exploiting small businesses in Canada.

If you are looking for a Canadian Citizenship, maybe you should try legal means.

Oh, and I resent you not posting my comment. I thought this was a open forum. Obviously I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, any updates on this thread?

Unknown said...

We expect to progress to the "Discoveries" stage of the Supreme Court process in the next two weeks - and look forward to being able to ask Marty Hanzalek some very direct questions whilst he is under oath.

He refuses to return a great deal of snowmobiling equipment that we own, as well as paying the agreed rental charges (for four snowmobiles) for a whole winter season use by his business - and of course the website design work previosuly mentioned!

He claims we're threatening him, his family and his staff - as well as friends - and claims that we've tried to get Canadian citizenship through illegal methods ...

all of which are obviously completely untrue and unfounded, and if he continues to ignore the process and basic common logic, will be dealt with in the courts very soon.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I see from Western Star that Marty is in the news again on a legal item. This time he had a "win" if you call a 112 against 200 a win! Good luck with your endeavours.
Clifford (UK)

Anonymous said...

Some interesting comments on the Western Star pages about MyNewfoundland Adventures and their ongoing issues with various parties.


Anonymous said...

Does he look like a convict?
Hanzalek in court

Unknown said...

Bill Dwight ... (aka Marty Hanzalek!!)