Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Strawberry Hill sold?

So Strawberry Hill was for sale - not for sale - and then for sale again. Originally on for $6.7M CAD in March-08, Strawberry Hill resort was offered by tender as part of the CCAA process.

The tender period closed this week ... so we now have to wait and see what happens next. However the strong rumours are that atleast two parties were actively interested.

I'm guessing that $6.7M is now wishful thinking ...


Gary Kelly said...

Hey Dan,

Great to see you back.

I went by the resort yesterday. Couldn't get in. A security guard on the gate now.

I wonder what the credit crunch will mean as well.



Unknown said...

Hey Gary ... We've been busy working on the new websites and (for HVR owners only).

The resort closed down around us whilst we were there in the first two weeks of Sept-08 ... including the security guards etc, the laying off of staff and the closing of all facilities including the golf course and the beach house.

Now you have to wait and watch what happens regarding the CCAA process. We're involved as owners, so have to be careful what we say and imply. All I can say for now is, the whole situation could go one of several ways! (no surpise there - yet!)