Monday, September 22, 2008

Lucky to see a black fox on HVR? Not likely!

Lucky to see a black fox on HVR?

Not likely!

Countless times we've heard of golfers on the River Course hitting "the perfect drive", but then watching a black fox run across the HVR fairway, picking up the ball, and running off ... I remember Mike Clewer telling a similar story to one of his shots.

And then we organised a Beach Bonfire (Sept-08), and at the end, a black fox runs across the beach and around the fire ...

The next day outside the chalet talking to Paul Hicks & Ed Best ... a black fox runs up ... around us all, and looked totally relaxed.

So - we get home, open the papers - literally on the first day back - and the headline "Unlucky rare black fox spotted in Britain" (Apparrently in medieval times, the black fox was considered a bad omen by superstitious villagers)
Here it is in the UK:
So was the Humber Valley Resort "Black Fox" a sign of what was to come? Or has come?
Link - The Daily Telegraph - BBC News

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