Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The last Beach Bonfire at HVR!

So it's mid September and the resort is now in administration (CCAA in Canadian terms) ... it's all a bit of a shock to everyone (even if actually not a huge surprise). Unfortunately during the previous few days almost all the staff have been laid off - and now it's down to a handful of staff - and a team of security people.

No Beach House, or other meeting place - we had no idea how many people were on site ... So why not organise a reason for everyone to get together? And we did just that - and rung round every chalet to find all those on resort, and make contact with all our staff [errr ... ex-staff] friends via Facebook ... and the word was out - Beach Bonfire on Tuesday night!

Has to be said that there was some who were concerned about the numbers that might turn up - but we didn't see the issue. Garlic bread, pate, cheese, marshmallows, and loads of french bread - oh and a few cases of beer were prepared, as was the bonfire. Ron (from Strawberry Hill fame) eagerly offered to make the bonfire (err "Ronfire"). He really is a very special guy. He spent the afternoon cutting logs with a friend, then built a very impressive fire.

It was a chance for the staff to say goodbye to each other as they'd not had a chance previously - and it was good to meet the rest of the resort guests (not all were owners) - and Margaret Derrick came down and joinned in. Ed Best brought his guitar and we all (tried to) sing along with him.

Some of us were still there at 1:30am ...

Ron maintaining the "Ronfire"

Another good reason to be ... Are you?

That damn black fox again!

The Last Beach Bonfire for 2008!! Humber Valley Resort

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