Sunday, September 07, 2008

Eating out - but not at Humber Valley Resort

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Friday afternoon at the Beach House on Humber Valley Resort, and the drinks store looks worryingly low in stock. Two bottles of red and just four of white - and no "Black Horse"!

Then, on Saturday night, Humber Valley Resort's Beach House pub/restaurant Sullys closed for the last time (as we know it today). At the same time Strawberry Hill's restaurant & bar were also closed.

These closures are not a huge surprise, and in a previous announcement the Beach House had been scheduled to close on the 19th Sep. However that doesn't reduce the sadness, nor impact of the closures. As everyone who has eaten at the Beach House knows, the vast majority of the staff have always been so passionate about where they work - and it's them that made the place, certainly not the food! The exception on that note was clearly Strawberry Hill, where Greg turned out excellent Fine Dining food and again everyone there made the place extra special.

For those on resort for the next two weeks, extra trips to Dominion are required!

Alternatively we took Tanya's advice when she told us to try my brothers place in Corner Brook up near the Comfort Inn hotel. My brothers place, turns out to be "My Brothers Place" a strangely well hidden restaurant within a very average looking Mamateek Motel. However managing to find the motel, and walking through the lobby (that felt like the waiting room for an old peoples rest home) ... we found the restaurant - and the view.

That has to be the best view across Corner Brook - unless you know better?

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Anonymous said...

try eating at Madison's , i think that's how you spell it fantastic !!
the best i have had , and the atmosphere is fantastic ..great eat out !
it is just across the road from marble mountain .James is the chief and there are some familiar faces there .

then breakfast at Fillies in Pasadena
is great , big takes a bit long but really nice !

hopefully now we can find some decent attitude to run Sullies , it all about personality and when ever someone who cooks for you thinks that he or she is doing you a favor well that cant last long can it ..Food is one thing , personality is everything else !!!
cant wait to see what happens next !

Anonymous said...


I can vouch for Madison's Grill as well.

Jamie and Lisa (the owners) use to work at the resort.

The food is awesome! I can't say enough about the restaurant.

The restaurant is located in the Marble Inn.

Madison's Grill
21 Dogwood Drive, Corner Brook, NL A2H 2N2
Telephone : 709-639-8846