Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Confusion, rumours & lack of communication

Confusion, rumours & lack of communication ... all adding to the Humber Valley Resort current problems!!

This Thursday's Charter flight "might" be the last for the season - meaning that the last two flights (11th & 18th) might be cancelled. What happens to those who fly out (58+) on Thursday (4th) flight? And others that are on the resort already (currently 150+), some of whom are planning to return during the last two weeks? If you ring now to book ... they'll only sell you a single ticket, (but not return).

No official answer on what is happening, nor why.

Oh, and (ahead of original plan) the Activties Centre closed today! "Last Sunday Brunch" was last Sunday ... Strawberry Hill Resort (which had previously been for sale) seems to be becoming a central feature of the plan (rather than the Club house) ... and there's a rumoured key announcement later this week!

PS Searching for alternative routes out of Newfoundland should we buy a "single charter ticket" ... the flights out of Halifax appear almost 100% full throughout September (due to the collapse of FlyZoom airline) ... there are very few options, actually, none worth considering!

Reinforcing the large issue for international tourism in Newfoundland - and the reasons behind the Humber Direct Air Group

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