Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Go-Travel/Finnair flights announced for this summer are now "on stop". Unfortunately it looks like the announcement was made before everything was licenced. A spokesman for the Canadian Transport Agency said Go-Travel “... only has a licence to fly between Canada & Finland, and no application has been made for an amendment to authorize the new European destinations.“

Lets all hope that it gets sorted, and quickly, so that marketing and sales teams can start the time consuming task of generating interest in Western Newfoundland.

It should be remembered by all, that the big travel agencies planning what holidays and routes to sell, do their planning about 18 months ahead. So are currently planning out summer 2010, not 2009!

Western Newfoundland needs commited long term flight routes to allow travel agency companies (around the world!) to plan NFLD tourism programmes. Without the knowledge of future flight schedules from particular countries how can anyone sell a holiday to Newfoundland for that route?

Go-Travel's initiative is great news (when it actually gets the go ahead). But it's the long term commitment to flights that will really open up the tourism industry for Newfoundland. It's not about "subsidising the flights", it never has been. It's about making flights available so that travel agencies can sell the tickets and get people to the island.

We're ... Are you?

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Anonymous said...

Globespan are flying out from Glasgow to Halifax for any Scots planning a visit this year very competitive prices.
Hope everything starts to come together soon, we were on the brink of buying when the resort closed now in limbo waiting to see, but thanks for a brilliant website and for all the info. Jacqui