Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tour operator revives link between St.John's and UK

Great news for Newfoundland and its link to Europe ... Transatlantic flights are returning to St. John's, at least for the summer and early fall. Tour operator Go Travel Direct will offer weekly flights between St. John's and Gatwick Airport, near London, starting in late June.

There has not been a direct connection between St. John's and London — or any other European airport — since 2007, when Air Canada dropped its flights to Heathrow Airport. A charter carrier, Astraeus, tried in vain to launch a seasonal connection.

Go Travel Direct said passengers will be flying on Finnair. The service this season will run through October.

St. John's International Airport has been trying to attract a transatlantic carrier since the Air Canada pullout. Since then, travellers from the St. John's area have had to fly west before they can head east across the Atlantic.

Air Canada's decision came on the heels of a federal government policy that requires travellers to make a customs declaration when they arrive in the country, rather than in their destination airport.

That issue has been a priority for the City of St. John's, which has been lobbying for a return to a prior policy, which would allow travellers from other cities in Canada to remain on an aircraft during its brief stay at the St. John's airport.


Anonymous said...

This is great news, however I just checked all airlines flying from St Johns to Deer Lake and can't see a connection which could be made that day.

Unknown said...

Hey Anita


Flights in 2009 are between Jun and Oct I think.