Saturday, January 09, 2010

Website award for CrazyAboutNewfoundland website developer ** (or is it??)

The designer of the website (Daniel Gray) also built from scratch the new My Newfoundland (mis)Adventures website ... which was awarded the The Telegram 2008 the "Silver Spider Web Awards for Best Site Promotion" managed by Newfoundland's "The Telegram" newspaper   ....

Bizarrely the owner of the company (Marty Hanzalek) who attended the awards ceremony to collect the award, has still not paid the designer for his work and the website copyright!

The lack of payment or even recognition is an ongoing issue ... which the web designer is now progressing through legal channels.

Meanwhile, anyone dealing with this company and Mr Martin (Marty) Hanzalek should be fully aware of his business practices.  You have been warned!!

The website recognition - but to the right person???

** Award went to the business owner who had not paid the developer




Pete said...

Why's he got sunglasses on his head at an indoor venue.?

Dare I say it that he has to wear them to avoid getting spotted by all the people he is trying to avoid who he owes money.

It's not cool Marty - pay up what you owe people. "Treat others how you would want to be treated"

Clifford said...

I thought they may have been an "Alice band" to keep all that hair in place! Glad he didn't dress up.

Anonymous said...

Martin H is NOT a Newfoundlander!
He is without doubt a crook.