Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What happens when you ask for your stolen gear back .... ???

So we visited My Newfoundland Adventures last week, to ask face-to-face for our stolen snowmobiling gear back, (he has our 14 blue snowmobile suits, black helmets, boots and more!) and he refuses to even talk to us about it, let alone return them.

On entering the shop at Steady Brook, I meet Mr Marty Hanzalek the owner and principle in our situation.

"Hey, Happy New Year" I offer, "... I'm here to collect my stolen equipment". 

"GET OUT OF MY SHOP, OR I'LL CALL THE POLICE" is the unsurprising response. 

"Go ahead, I'm happy for you to call the police, after all you are holding my stolen equipment!". Getting no where (and after a total of 30 seconds) I leave, with Hanzalek on his phone ...

Later we get home and find a police calling card. We respond by email, but get nothing back, so 24 hours later we call into the police station, and find the police officer.

We had an interesting conversation. Turns out Hanzelak called 911 !!!  I pointed out that in the UK someone ringing 999 inappropriately is deemed "wasting police time". He shrugs and says its the same here, but he says you were threatening staff and scaring the customers.

"Oh I see ... well perhaps you'd like to hear the conversation we had" I say, putting my recording device on the table and pressing play!

Having listened to the 40 seconds recording, he expressed disgust in the wasting of police time, and the issue of false accusation in the report.   There were no staff present. There were no customers. There were no threats, nor shouting. Just a repeated calm request for the return of our stolen equipment.  I left the officer, considering what to do with Mr Hanzalek and his false accusations plus wasting of police time and inappropriate use of 911.

So, if you see Marty Hanzalek or My Newfoundland Adventures this winter ... don't forget to ask "Are you going to return the stolen snowmobiling equipment?"




Anonymous said...

What a waste of tax payers dollars,calling the police on a guy who wants back his stolen gear and to tell the police that he was being harrased and scaring off customers while no one in the shop, what a fake! Its about time the police see through this guy!

Anonymous said...

People should go and hire something for the day tehn refuse to return the equipment at the end of the hire saying sorry it's going back to the rightful owners!

If he can play silly buggers then surely what is good for the goose...?

Pete said...

This guy is bad news and charges crazy prices for what he has to offer when you compare to places like Mt Tremblant.

I've heard people have alleged that he has ripped them off too. Sounds like the kind of guy this province doesn't need. Maybe the vultures are circulating as we speak.

Jack Sailor said...

Interestingly the local councils have cleaned up the TCH highway by removing all the uncontrolled and unauthorised road side signs - except this guys adventure ones. Why is that? What is it about him and signs? LOL

Anonymous said...

How does that song go??.... oh yeah... Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you??.....!!!!!!!!

CVlifford said...

Nearly as bad as "Mum, there is a bad man in the shop!" What is a 9year old doing 'running' a business? LOL

Barb said...

Seems like the head of the snake turned around and bit him in the butt this time. Lets hope he will have to pay his dues soon for all the cheating, lying and his complete lack of ethics over the years.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked, how did he manage to get your gear in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Martin Hanzalek is a lying, cheating, scum-bag who has NO morals, ethics or principals ..him and his business should be avoided at ALL COSTS. His tours are a complete SCAM and he is not FIT to deal with. Leave Newfoundland Please!

Unknown said...

To the guy in St Johns that left a note today asking why all the fuss about a few snowmobile suits, and appearing to be able to get them returned (& knowing the age of Hanzaleks mother):

Can you also arrange for the payment of $20,000 which is the claim we are chasing Hanzalek for (4 snowmobiles for a season and a full website design and creation) through the NFLD?