Thursday, September 06, 2007

Visit & Blog - 6th Sept - Honorary Newfoundlander

So we end up on my last night at the resort's "Beach House" for what they call the "screech in" ... a ceremony to create honorary Newfoundlanders, that turns out to include proving you can speak like a Newfie, drink like a Newfie, and be knighted (with an oar instead of a sword of course!) ... and then worship the fish, by kissing one! Its a good night - and everyones enjoying themselves. Though it looks like the resort cooked all the fish - as we ended up kissing a fillet of salmon!!

I'm told its normally a sizable whole cod or salmon - but they couldn't find one - Shame, anyway, I'm now an "honorary Newfie" ... and proud of it!

Day 7 - An honourary Newfie
Day 8 - Fishing & the 35lb cod !!!

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