Thursday, September 06, 2007

Visit & Blog - 6th Sept - Quads to Norwest Cove

So its Thursday and we've proved the the only way to get to the Norwest Cove cabin is by quad bike ... so Dan has booked it with his mate Darren. I'm getting nervous, and asking what its like. Trouble is I know Kate's not been, but seems keen. Should I be worried? Should I?

Darren arrives - and everything is fine - he's very calm and reassuring, so I vote that I ride with him!

We leave the resort to the east, and hit various trails (on to the other end of Goose Arm Road). Darren spots various good places to chat and enjoy the amazing views, and we also have a pitstop to fix the hired quad's windshield.

Its fantasic here, and there simply is no way to get in to (what they call) the "back country" in the summer
without being on a quad bike. Its the same trails that they use for snowmobiling - but (apparrently) very different views.

Below, we stopped briefly near Old Mans Pond (what a name!). Great stop, great view!

Then we press on for Norwest Cove at speed, and find the barn like cabin. Its fine, on a good plot - but along way from anywhere. Perhaps too far, even for me! Then we cruise round the corner to the old Mussel Farm - to look out across Norwest Cove and have lunch.

During a quick lunch suddenly theres lots of pointing ... and there it is ... a Bald Eagle soaring above us - wow! Thats both the boxes ticked!!!! What next??

Soon after, we're off and running and leaving to get back, but suddenly the hired quad is making srange noises and then seizes up and stops! Darren has a go, but not much changes, except that bits drop out of the back - its not looking good!

Darren is looking worried and stops at the cabin nearby. Lucky (as is often the way here in Newfoundland) he knows the guy, and after a few seconds the cabin owner - who was busy upgrading the panels on the outside of his cabin - stops his DIY, and is loaning his mobile to Darren and Darren is off on his quad to find a hill, where he can get reception and call for help.

But thats not a problem for those left behind, as Joe (as we thought he introduced himself) is quickly looking after us, and in no time there are beers being passing around, and tea being offered - hes from McIviers and spends as much time as possible out this way. We're invited to look round the cabin and the veg patch - hes very proud, and its one of the best laid out cabins we've seen to date. We're probably there for more than an hour, but actually mildly disappointed when help finally arrives in the form of a pick up for the quad.

Throughout all this everyone was very calm and enjoying the opportunity to share stories. The only one looking in any way worried was Daniel, who kept looking at his watch. His only explaination was "tonight mum, you're becoming an honorary Newfoundlander - and you can't be late!"

Should I be worried? Should I?
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Unknown said...

You certainly seemed to find the Humber Valley region and Newfoundland as a whole a fantastic place to visit. Just as I did on my first visit 2 and a half years ago!!! It is so hard to explain to people why it is so good but I thought you summary was great and made me realise how many places I have still yet to visit there.


Steve Thompson