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Visit & Blog - 7th Sept - Last Day, Fishing, and some!

My finally day of my first visit to Newfoundland. Its the first, as I've already planned to return - which is a surprise to those that know me, as I don't normally "do" holidays as such. Anyway, so we're up early to get across to Cox's Cove as early as possible.
Problem is, after last night's screech-in activites, none of us had set the alarm, so we ake slightly later - and arrive at Cox's Cove by 8am.
Darrens already down with his boat waiting for us, and we're quickly all in to his Dory and off.

I used to fish with my father many years ago, so was keen to show Dan & Kate that I still could. Its not long before I get my first mackeral, though alarmingly the rod did at first bend what seemed like right under the dory.

Darren had taken us to a small cove about 30 minutes from Cox's Cove, and we were about 200m off shore, with a waterfall pouring out from quite a height on a cliff down to the beach below. We spot (another !!) bald eagle soaring across the cove, and then when it lands on the cliff, we motor closer to it - and wachted as an osprey repeatedly seemed to try to scare the eagle and was buzzing him - its all quite an experience!
We caught quite a few mackeral, and started releasing those we considered too small. Then Dan shouted out that he had something special ... and up came a spiky red fish called an Ocean Perch, much to our joint excitment.

And amazingly he followed that with a 2lb cod fish - and looked very pleased with himself!!
However Kate was the star today. It felt like her line was never down for more than a minute, before she would say "here's another one". Then at a moment when both Dan & I were handling a mackeral each, she pointed out that she was struggling with hers. No one was really listening ... but when she said it again, louder! ... Darren turned to help, and in fact took over ...
"oh my god" was his first words, "you've got something here, Kate" ... and then as it surfaced "holy sh#t" ... repeatedly and intersperced with "unbelieveable".
First up on the line was a mackeral, but there was clearly something else on the 2nd hook ...
A HUGE fish, which turned out to be a 35lb cod ... you don't see many of those!

The ocean perach and both cod had to be returned as they're out of season for non-commercial fisherman until the end of Sept.

Darren said it was the biggest he'd seen this year ... and on a mackeral line too! It was an amazing end to a perfect morning ... we had stop after, as anything else caught would simply be a disappointment!

Back on the dry land, Darren quickly filleted the mackeral, and we warmed up with some hot chocolate. Later we went down to Darren's land to see the work he had completed near the stream, and to eat some berries ... A wonderful morning.

Back at the chalet we cooked the mackeral and had a calm afternoon, packed, (though being an extreme light traveller that doesn't take me long) ... and go explore the inside of Dan & Kate's cabins .. charming, if a bit rough, and then down to the airport. The flight arrived early and so was able to get away early (doesn't happen like that in London!!) ... no drama getting home - easy and quick.

I've had truely wonderful time in Newfoundland. The area beautiful, but the people are special. I'm definately coming back!
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