Monday, September 18, 2006

Directory - Things to do

Link takes you to our "Things to do Directory".  The starting point for the directory is a spreadsheet produced by the HVR Sales Team.  We have then added our own extra contacts etc ...

Diary reminder ...

Tues 19th
Meeting Jim Pike - Accountants 10:00
Meeting Kent - 10:30
Meeting Sheldon - 13:00
Tapas evening 18-20:00
Wed 20th
Meeting Keith Payne - 9am

Offer accepted!

Offer accepted!

Boom Boom
(for those that understand the joke!)

Tour of the Resort "backland"

A tour up to the north side of the resort - the next phase

Good job Scott knows what hes doing!!!
"At home I've paid a lot to 4x4 on a course like this!!!"
Good job Scott - Thanks!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

1st round of golf on River Course for KDG

Had our first 9 holes toay, with Scott and Chris.

Make offer - waiting for news!!!

detail will follow!!

KDG meet Ray Pollet

We met Ray today at his home.

Interesting stories about the Canadian Games in 1999, and also found out a lot about developments at the (deep water) Corner Brook port. Ray is an ex-mayor of Corner Brook.

Oil found near Deer Lake?