Sunday, December 30, 2007

Visiting a place that so few will ever get to ... The Sinkhole

Humber Valley and Newfoundland continue to provide amazing sights and memories ... This week we joined a tour to "Snowshoe to the Sinkhole in Gros Morne".

Its a 45 minute drive from Humber Valley, up past the Jack Ladder to Wiltondale, and then 10 minutes to Lomand, and snowing all the way! We're quickly out of the jeep and with snowshoes on, venture off with great purpose in to the woods.

We're heading for the Sinkhole and are told its a 6km walk, aided by a snowmobile with a towed sled. The guides whizz by on the snowmobile with loads of gear, and then return to take those in the group that are not quite as fast as others.

It felt all up hill, but was a good walk, and we made it to through Gros Morne National Park and to the locally known "Sinkhole". There we met Marty from My Newfoundland Adventures, who explained what was going to happen next, and then after a quick sandwich and hot chocolate, we're climbing down into the Sinkhole.

The ground has eroded creating an area the size of 1-2 football pitches with 150 foot cliffs all the way round, a waterfull crashing into the middle from above, and the resulting water disappearing into a cave system. In winter the waterfall dramatically freezes up creating amazing ice sculptures. Apparrently in full winter the water is totally surrounded by the ice, and flows through the middle of the frozen pipes.
The snowshoe walk was long but worthwhile. When we got to the Sinkhole, there is a particular spot where the cliff drop has given way to a climbable incline.

The guides had sorted a rope system to help those that needed it - so even the more fragile in our group - made it to the bottom ... and WOW what an experience.

We definately felt like the "special ones", visiting a place that so few will ever get to.

2007-12-30 Sinkhole Photo Album

More photos at Webshots album and Picasa album and videos on youtube

Trip organised by My Newfoundland Adventures, at Marble Mountain

Monday, December 24, 2007

Brian Dobbin resigns Newfound directorships

Newfound has announced that company president Brian Dobbin will be stepping aside from his position effective Dec. 31st. In the press release, the company, which owns Humber Valley Resort near Corner Brook, announced Dobbin “will be resigning his Newfound directorships, to pursue personal interests.”

The company said Dobbin’s shareholdings in the company “are unaffected and existing restrictions on the disposal of shares remain in effect.” In addition to the locally well-known Humber Valley project, Newfound has other resort projects in Nevis and St. Kitts. On Dec. 13th, two other Newfound directors provided much-needed working capital for the company.
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Daniel & Kate

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mr Frosty - Christmas 2007

Winter season has definately started at Humber Valley Resort, Western Newfoundland. Marble Mountain, the top Canadian east coast ski mountain opened on Saturday 22nd - earlier than expected. Loads of snow and seriously cold (-18 degrees on 21st Dec).

The Gray's traditional "Mr Frosty" appeared on Sunday 23rd ... this year hes 7 1/2 feet high and found at 55 Mountain View - Humber Valley Resort.

From 2007-12-23 - ...
Jean & Malcolm went Snowshoeing across the golf course, and as well as Malcolm disappearing into a hidden bunker (taking 15 minutes to get out!!) ... They also watched a moose crossing the fairway.

Snowmobiling and Dog Sledding (new to Newfoundland!) are all on the plan ... Its going to be warmer Christmas Eve and some rain - but then back to snow and freezing tempatures.

Merry Christmas all !!!
Dan & Kate

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Newfoundland real estate market booming

Due to the increasing revenues from natural and non-renewable resource projects in development or about to get underway in the granite province, the inevitable has begun to happen in Canada's youngest province.The jobless rate is on the decline and the housing market is on the rise. As the price of oil remains high, the major

players in the industry are all trying to et a stake in the vast resources our province has to offer. This naturally has the effect of better paying jobs and a willingness from consumers to buy big ticket items such as houses.

A quick drive through any of the larger populated areas will no doubt surprise any visitor or former locals returning home. Houses are going up everywhere. All news reports point to the fact that there is not enough skilled trades to keep up with the demand for new housing. This is leading to increasing purchases of older homes that are move in ready and may need only minor work to convert it to be adequate accomodation.

In the area of Gander, it has been said that the cost of building new homes over the past 4 years has risen by an average of 15% per year. Will the boom end anytime soon? Probably not as the current government seems intent on developing the province as a major leader in the production of oil and hydroelctric generation.

The opportunity to invest is present for any savvy entrepeneur!
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Saturday, December 08, 2007

HVR: Placing of new Ordinary Shares to raise £3.6 million

Further to the announcement of 4 December 2007, Newfound N.V. announces that it has raised £3.6 million (before expenses) by way of a share placing to institutional and other investors of 35,807,962 new ordinary shares. This is in addition to the £7 million subscription by Jeremy White and John Morgan, Directors of the Company, announced on 13 November 2007. The Placing Shares are being issued at 10p per share, which is the same issue price as for the Subscription. The price of 10p per share represents a discount to the closing mid-market share price on 4 December 2007 of 14.9%.

Based upon the valuation undertaken by Humberts Leisure, the international leisure business consultants, announced in the Interim Results on 26 September 2007, the pro-forma NAV per share is calculated at 45p per share following the Subscription and Placing.
The proceeds of the Placing, together with those of the Subscription, will be used for general working capital purposes and to allow the Company to pursue its revised business strategy. The

Company's strategy is to:
FOCUS ON THE CONSERVATION OF WORKING CAPITAL IN THE NEAR TERM, INCLUDING, inter alia, reduction of overheads at Humber Valley Resort;

FURTHER DEVELOP ITS CURRENT PROJECTS TO BUILD ADDITIONAL VALUE AND returns, which will include, inter alia, the development of relationships with branded operators and resort funds, driving sales growth through marketing led development, finalising the Nevis masterplan and obtaining outline planning permission, and the pursuit of debt financing for ongoing resort development supported by the assets of the Group;


EXPAND HOLIDAY SALES THROUGH DIRECT AND SPECIALIST TOUR OPERATORS AND partnerships with holiday sales companies for Humber Valley Resort;

As stated in the Circular to shareholders dated 13 November 2007, there are a number of opportunities in the near term for the generation of additional capital through the operations of the business. In particular, the proposed transaction to sell land at Nevis for the development of a 5 star hotel continues to progress and there are bulk land sale opportunities at both Nevis and Humber Valley that could realise significant cash for the Group. These transactions would provide the Group with a platform from which to continue to develop the resorts at Humber Valley and Nevis. The Company's success in completing some or all of these transactions will, however, inevitably be critical for the prospects of the Group over the longer term.

About Newfound:
Newfound is a creator and operator of international luxury resorts and destinations. The Company has a high quality portfolio of resort projects at Humber Valley in Canada and in Nevis and St. Kitts in the Caribbean.
Humber Valley Resort, with 2,200 acres, currently has over 200 privately owned properties the majority of which are available for rent. It is an all-season, luxury resort offering golf, world-class salmon fishing, sailing, skiing and a luxury spa.
Newfound has an integrated business model based on destination master-planning, which generates revenues from multiple sources, including freehold land sales, construction and development, services to owners, the provision of leisure activities and the operation of concessions.
Newfound is building an industry leading, world-class luxury lifestyle brand offering exceptional holiday experiences in luxurious homes, situated in locations of outstanding natural beauty.
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Sunday, December 02, 2007