Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mr Frosty - Christmas 2007

Winter season has definately started at Humber Valley Resort, Western Newfoundland. Marble Mountain, the top Canadian east coast ski mountain opened on Saturday 22nd - earlier than expected. Loads of snow and seriously cold (-18 degrees on 21st Dec).

The Gray's traditional "Mr Frosty" appeared on Sunday 23rd ... this year hes 7 1/2 feet high and found at 55 Mountain View - Humber Valley Resort.

From 2007-12-23 - ...
Jean & Malcolm went Snowshoeing across the golf course, and as well as Malcolm disappearing into a hidden bunker (taking 15 minutes to get out!!) ... They also watched a moose crossing the fairway.

Snowmobiling and Dog Sledding (new to Newfoundland!) are all on the plan ... Its going to be warmer Christmas Eve and some rain - but then back to snow and freezing tempatures.

Merry Christmas all !!!
Dan & Kate

We're ... Are you?

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