Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For peat's sake: Corner Brook mill tests new fuel source

David MacDonald, manager of power and energy with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper, said the mill is willing to give peat energy a try. "If we can buy the peat substantially cheaper than the same energy value in oil, then we will save money," he said. "It will make a difference in the millions of dollars, if it works — which we expect that it will."

Burning peat produces fewer greenhouse gases than burning bunker fuel.
Ontario-based Peat Resources Ltd. has been developing peat resources on Newfoundland's west coast, and is optimistic about an ongoing relationship with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper.

"In setting ourselves up in Newfoundland, we've been looking for the possibilities of local customers for the peat," said executive Peter Telford. "Having someone like Corner Brook Pulp and Paper interested would be terrific."
Corner Brook Pulp and Paper has been exploring alternatives to oil consumption. It already burns bark, and had given serious consideration to burning used automobile tires before abandoning the plan last year. The first shipment of peat will head to the mill's power boiler on July 9. [source]

Friday, June 22, 2007

Deer Lake Airport - New terminal opens!

Expansion welcomed - Deer Lake Regional Airport officially opens terminal

GARY KEAN The Western Star

The brand new terminal building at Deer Lake Regional Airport is impressive, but the work is not done yet.The Deer Lake Regional Airport Authority officially opened the expanded facility Thursday, marking less than three short years since the organization decided to self finance the $11.5-million project to double the terminal's size and make other essential improvements.

"It's hard to believe we've come this far in such a short period of time," said Jamie Schwartz, the airport's manager. "This facility is magnificent and the response we've been getting from the public is fantastic. People actually don't believe they are in Deer Lake when they arrive here, and that's a tremendous compliment to us." ....
Full story Western star
Above, Jamie Schwartz, airport manager at the opening

Monday, June 18, 2007

Did you know, on this day - 18th June

On the 18th June 1928 -Amelia Earhart becomes first woman to fly the Atlantic from Newfoundland to Wales

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New website for Humber Valley Resort ...

Humber Valley Resort has quietly launched its upgraded version of its website this week. Full of great, in fact stunning photos, smooth animation and lots more information - this is a good step forward. Only issue is, if you spen more than five minutes on the site - you're going to search for the mute button.

Try it, and you'll understand!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Former minister of Tourism - is general manager of operations of Humber Valley Resort

The former minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation announced Friday he's taking a job as general manager of operations of Humber Valley Resort. Shelley's new job starts July 13, which means he has to leave as his position as the legislature member for Baie Verte on July 12.

He had intended to finish out his term, but the job cut his term short by a few months."I've been interested in tourism for a long time," Shelley said. "With the busy season coming upon us, the timing sort of dictates I take up this job as soon as possible. I'll take the next two or three weeks to deal with files in the district and come into it full time after July 12.

"He said going from 15-year provincial politician to helping manage a world-class resort is going to be an adjustment, but it's one he feels he can handle."I'm really looking forward to the challenge," he said. "My love is tourism in Newfoundland and Labrador. I've believed for a long time Humber Valley Resort is a jewel in the crown of tourism in Newfoundland and Labrador. It's been good to this point and I think it's even going to get better."The potential for the entire Humber Valley and west coast is huge and I've said that as a tourism minister."I certainly think that's going to continue on. There's really exciting times coming for not only for Humber Valley resort, but that entire region of the province.
Full story - Western Star

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Development won’t proceed until proper permits

Development won’t proceed until proper permits in place, says mayor
The Western Star - 13th June
Timberland Golf Resort is tied up in litigation for the time being. Mayor Bob Mercer said the reason is plain to see — the proponent, Brian Pike, simply doesn’t have the necessary permits to proceed. Mercer said the town issued a stop-work order on the project in December and sent Pike a draft development agreement in February as a starting point in negotiations. The development, on 700 acres of prime Humber Valley real estate, will feature an 18-hole golf course surrounded by 337 luxury executive homes.

A meeting was set up, but before that happened, Mercer said activity resumed at the site. He said the town was left with no choice but to proceed with an injunction against activity on the site. “Once he started work on May 22, or thereabouts, the town had no option but to proceed with an injunction, or sit back and say ‘we don’t care what he’s doing,’ ” said Mercer. “That’s not the message we give to any developer in the town. We do care and things have to be done in accordance with our town plan and our development regulations.” He said the town won’t allow any developer to start work without the proper permits, and a development agreement in place.

Mercer said Pike was issued a cutting permit five years ago, but the town’s permits expire after two years. “He was issued a permit to cut some trees and clear some land, presumably to do some farming, or whatever Highland Farms were doing at that time, not build an 18-hole golf course,” said Mercer. “He said he had all the necessary provincial permits. “What he failed to mention is all provincial permits carry the caveat — subject to you obtaining the appropriate and requisite permits from the appropriate municipal authority.” Mercer said the problem is the development is proceeding without so much as an agreement as to what will be on the land, much less a permit. “We have none of the information that we need,” said Mercer. “Why he (Pike) chooses to ignore that simple fact of reality, I don’t know. All I do know is he won’t be allowed to proceed without having an agreement in place and without the necessary permits being issued.” Brian Pike, the developer, said the details of the current legal struggles were too numerous to get into, but he has the permit he needs to do the work he was doing. link to full story

Pasadena council meeting re-Timeberland Resort

Mayor Mercer informed Council that the purpose of the special meeting was to approve a resolution permitting the Town of Pasadena to proceed with an application seeking an Interim Injunction against Timberland Golf Resort Incorporated and Brian Pike.

Full story .... Pasadena Council meeting minutes ... 29th May 07 special meeting

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Deer Lake Town - Planning new hotel(s)

Development plans of hotels confirmed Town verifies hotel development

DEER LAKE Speculations of two, significant hotel developments being dealt with by the town were verified Monday. One of the council items on the agenda at the regular meeting was a set of minutes from a special meeting dated Wednesday, June 6. That earlier meeting was held to discuss a legal opinion the town had sought on the issue of two development requests.
One of the proponents involved represents the Super 8 chain. The second, headed up by local businessman Mark Ignor, represents the Carlson groups — which owns hotel and resort brands like Regent, Radisson, Park Plaza and Country Inns and Suites, to name a few. Both groups were interested in the same parcel of land, at the northwest intersection of Route 430 and the Trans-Canada Highway. However, the Carlson crown land application, which was made by Ignor, was turned down because the town of Deer Lake had already been granted property in the same area.
Full story -
The Western Star MICHAEL RIGLER The Western Star

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Newfoundland's brand signature Video

"The world is discovering that Newfoundland and Labrador is a place unlike any other, and we are experiencing a renewed confidence that has set the stage for a more prosperous and bright future. These new attitudes are reflected in this new brand signature.

It is truly representative of the essence of our province, which is defined by our creativity, resiliency, and a modern society shaped by our rich history." Danny Williams

Full message from
Danny Williams

Steady Brook getting four-star resort development

The Western StarConstruction on a four-star, high-end tourism complex could begin in Steady Brook as early as July 07.

An announcement of a 45 per cent resort property investment tax credit by the provincial government on Friday ushered in the news of the impending resort. “The new resort property investment tax credit sends a clear message to potential developers from the international marketplace — we have confidence in our tourism product and are eager to partner with industry players to continue to grow the tourism business base,” said Business Minister Kevin O’Brien in a release. “Our government will continue to make strategic investments in this industry to diversify our economy and to invest in rural areas that offer so much to our visitors to create a stronger and self-reliant Newfoundland and Labrador.
”Humber Seasons Limited, a new developer to the province, will be the first development company to participate in the new resort property tax credit, as it is now in the initial stages of developing the Steady Brook resort. The facility will be comprised of one main building containing 90 units, all suites, along with another five buildings containing 62 units, again all suites. The project has an estimated cost of between $25-$30 million and will be located near the entrance of the town, across from the base of Marble Mountain, on property formerly owned by the Basha family.
“To put that in perspective, compared to our town itself, our town’s total assessed value is only $30-million and this one piece of land will be home to a building itself that’s worth the same value as the entire town,” Steady Brook Mayor Tom Humphrey told The Western Star. “This is a clear example where government’s announcement (on Friday) created an opportunity in a rural area such as Steady Brook, which only has a population of 435 people, to put a facility of this magnitude there and take advantage of the tourism opportunity. ”It was no fluke Humber Seasons Limited selected Steady Brook, however.
“The location is really the key,” said Humphrey. “This resort will work with Marble Mountain, it will work with the businesses in the area that provide adventure tourism opportunities and it will create a stay-at-home opportunity for jobs. This facility will be a drawing card to this entire area.
”Humphrey predicted the project will begin within the next 30-60 days, as Humber Seasons Limited has a target for hiring and opening of September through November of 2008.
Full article, on The Western Star - 5th June 07

Monday, June 04, 2007

Travel Agents visit Humber Valley Rsort

The big draw for the resort is the many activities available year round including golf, skiing, snowmobiling, canoeing, angling, hiking, swimming, sailing, boating, whale watching and kayaking. Other favorites include helicopter rides over the region, dog sledding, snowmobiling and spa treatments. As clients are out and about in the wildnerness, it's not uncommon for them to see moose and other wildlife. Activities can be booked with the concierge.
Full article - travelagentcentral.com

Friday, June 01, 2007

Resort Property Investment Tax Credit to Attract New Business

The Provincial Government continues to show its commitment to creating business opportunities in Newfoundland and Labrador with the announcement of a 45 per cent resort property investment tax credit designed to encourage individuals and corporations based in the province to invest in selected tourist resort properties.

The tax credit is geared towards encouraging new resort developments with high-end amenities and services in areas of the province outside the northeast Avalon Peninsula. It is specifically designed for individuals and corporations in Newfoundland and Labrador to invest in the tourism industry in the province.
Full story gov.nl.ca