Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Business scruples ???

Someone recently asked why my website at looks similar to the My Newfoundland Adventures website at ...

I had to explain to them that I created (and paid for) the design and its copyright, and built both websites using dreamweaver/CS3, php, mysql and various javascript extensions. The design in every sense is owned by me, and though built for My Newfoundland Adventures and its owner Mr Marty Hanzalek, he has ever since refused to pay for the design copyright and the many hundreds of hours I spent building the dynamic websites database and back end pages.

He now claims he owes nothing - and as he now won't even talk to us to try to work out the situation, we're about to debate the point in the Newfoundland Supreme Court.

I just wanted those that had spotted similarities to know that there is no business relationship between this website, its owners etc, and My Newfoundland Adventures and its owner Mr Martin Hanzalek.


By the way, this is not the only thing we will be debating at the Supreme Court as we have several other major issues with this 'company' that we need to sort out. No doubt these will be aired in the near future by the appropriate channels.