Sunday, June 25, 2006

Humber Valley - Sun 25th June

Grand Prix was excellent - 119k people ... but only one real "line up" (as they call queues here). Was very hot, and VERY loud ... but we sat in front of the pits and saw all the action, plus had a big screen to see the rest .... And Old Montreal was a great place to unwind each night.

Now in Humber Valley ... and its majestic!!! Am sat in the Eagle Perch Golf Club House ... looking down into the valley and across the lake - which looks like a mirror.

And even more exciting, is that the other side of the lake, I can clearly see our "beach" ... Yesterday we stopped to remind ourselves of the lake side plot, on the way from the airport ... walked down to the lake, and met our neighbour ... who had owned his site for 40+ years ... and introduced us, by name to the various other neighbours. Appears that planning permission is not a major issue, and that there is a possibility of joining with a neighbour on his artisan well which he just got done. It was a very good first meeting ...

He also told us that none of the locals wanted to sell, as they all love it so much ... so they only come up when someone dies!! His comment, was we were very lucky to get it.

The neighbour who had the land we want next ... "never uses it" and is 70+ ... I'm going to try to meet him in Corner Brook (found his name/address in the phone book).

We're off today to check out the place that organises planning permission, as its an area between two towns, neither town take responsibility for it, and thus its a regional body (which I think is good news). Also going to meet our solicitor (who helped buy the plot) ... and we're going to organise buying the "crown land" strip of land that runs between our land and the road. This will extend our control by about 2m x 80m, but more importantly will stop neighbours driving across the frontage ...

We're also going to re visit the "interiors people" ... to remind ourselves what colours we chose etc ... and view an already built chalet of the exact same design as ours, to double check where the switches are etc ... and any other fine tuning points ... as its now or never!

Walked up to 374 Mountain View (the resort property) ... the foundations look almost complete ... and the drive way could be interesting on a snowy winters day!!! (ie its steep!) Anyway they look like (so far) they're on target for completion before Christmas - which is good news bearing in mind there's 8+ already booked in for Christmas day!!!

I can see a light breeze running across the lake, so am off to find a Cat and do some sailing - then back to the chalet to join Kate in the whirlpool for a breakfast bucks "fizz" ...

Montreal and its Grand Prix ... to here ... one extreme to another. An amazing experience!

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