Saturday, November 25, 2006

Worst Italian restaurant in Britain? "The Patio" Edinburgh

We ate at The Patio, Hanover Street, Edinburgh, Scotland on Saturday 25th Nov 06. (Italian Restaurant).

A strange long, thin restaurant interior, and a d├ęcor that was in need of a serious makeover some years ago, but didn’t get it.

We waited too long for drinks, and finally the order to be taken. Having waited, we asked twice for an update on when our food would arrive. Especially when others were arriving after us, and getting their food quickly.

Finally ... the garlic bread was disappointingly simply sliced crusty bread with thinly spread oiling butter - and no hint of garlic.

My pizza (specially ordered as extra hot version of their special "The Patio Pizza") ... was so perfectly round, with a perfectly rounded crust, that it looked suspiciously like frozen dough ... drowned in over the top mozzarella, and little else - very disappointing!

My wife ordered the "special giant prawns" in pasta. She commented that they were cold and over cooked.

We both only managed to eat half of the main course, and were disappointed. We are not fussy, but when it can be cooked better at home, its not right! In the same way as when asked, if the food is good, say so, when its not, the restaurant should be keen to get feedback, and then learn from it.

So it was with great surprise when we got the reaction to our minor feedback.
We asked for the manageress. I explained briefly that I felt the pizza was not the best, and that my wife was disappointed by cold, rubbery, over cooked.

Her immediate reaction?

"I know your types. If you don't like it ... F#@£ OFF! Get out!"

My wife responded, that she couldn’t believe the response to basic feedback. The manager repeat the blunt four letter response, nearly shouting by now.

We left the middle of restaurant in total shock that any owner could react in such an amazing way to feedback, to a customer who clearly had had a bad experience. We left, to reflect on what just happened.

The next morning, my wife was extremely unwell, and we nearly missed the flight home due to her up set tummy ... On getting home on Sunday afternoon she was straight to bed, and that evening was physically and violently sick. Today, Tuesday she is back to normal ... but off pasta and prawns - and rude restaurant owners.

You have been warned!

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