Saturday, December 30, 2006

Gros Morne visit "Keep on the road!!!"

So ... seeing a small layby we pulled over to take this photo ...
But ... on leaving we (Daniel!) goes for the "exit" rather than following the tracks that we came in on. And whilst saying "lets see if we can get out of here..." rams the Jeep into a wall of icy snow, which slightly raises the front up, and the 4x4 looses traction - STUCK!
After a few minutes of digging using the snowshoes in the back and a piece of timber found near by ... we've got nowhere! Fortunately the next 4x4 coming past stops, and is a very friendly Newfie. On the second attempt he manages to tow us out backwards.
We offered him $20 to buy his daughter (in their 4x4) a New Years present ... but got a very firm "no thanks, we stopped to help!" response. Its the people that make this place!!!

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