Friday, August 22, 2008

UK-Deer Lake flights - HUMBER DIRECT-AIR

There is growing activity in Western Newfoundland regarding the need to ensure continuation of direct flights to Deer Lake from the UK (as well new ones from other international hotspots). A group of concerned business people have been meeting in Corner Brook over the last six months, and has now formally launched as "Humber Direct-Air". Those interested has now expanded to a wider circle of business stakeholders, noteable tourism managers, and key politicians.

This is a very positive move, and should be supported wherever possible. I for one look forward to telling you more about their progress. The Humber Direct-Air full press release is below.

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We're all ... Are you?

Full Press Release:
Since it’s inception, the Humber Valley Resort has contributed economically to this area in many positive ways. Retailers, tourism operators, restaurateurs, those involved in the building trade, property developers, just to name a few, have seen significant increases in business due to the influx of people from overseas. The spin-off has seen new developments, additional tourism infrastructure, and many new jobs associated with all of this. The direct and/or indirect economic impact, should it be measured, would amount to millions of additional dollars injected into the local economy.

Humber Valley Resort’s success in bringing a direct air connection from the UK to Deer Lake has been an integral part of the overall impact. Western Newfoundland was now just 4-5 hours from one of the largest economies of the world, and the Humber Valley, with all its amenities, became competitive with other world-class destinations. Without this 4-5 hour direct flight, the commute time was considerable longer, thereby reducing our demand as a destination significantly.

As a result of this, a number of business stakeholders have been meeting for the past 10 months to ensure the continuation of the direct flight from the United Kingdom to Deer Lake. To date, the Resort has been subsidizing the cost of this flight, and the stakeholders needed to prepare itself for the eventuality of it been discontinued. The group, informally named “Humber Direct-Air” has been meeting with officials from the Humber Valley Resort, other stakeholder groups and representatives from various federal and provincial government departments to work together to maintain this vital link. The group’s mandate is very specific and very clear, that due to the major economic impact the cancellation of the flight will have on the Humber Valley, that stakeholders will work together with the Resort and others to continue with the direct-air flight.

The next meeting is scheduled for 7:00PM Wednesday (27th Aug 08) evening at the Glynmill Inn, and any person who feels they may be affected by the discontinuation of this flight is welcome to attend.

We're all ... Are you?

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