Friday, February 27, 2009

Newfound now at 1/2p (£0.005)

Today someone sold 240,000 shares in Newfound NV for as low as £0.005p. Yes, that's half a pence per share! If that person had bought when the company (not so long ago) first floated (at around £0.70p), those shares would have cost £200,000 ... and were sold today for £1,400


But perhaps it reflects the rumours I'm hearing about Newfound's possible plans to get back into Humber Valley Resort on Western Newfoundland. The resort is about to come out of CCAA administration and is in a tender process ending next week. Word has it that both Newfound NV, and the original founder of the resort Brian Dobbin are likely to be bidders to regain control of the resort. However the business plan and logic for both is rumoured to be based on being given control of further Crown Land (aka the Expansion Land) by the Provincial Government, and then making their money on selling land to investors, along with a future promise ... [sound familiar??]

I hear from well placed sources that the government has made it clear at recent meetings that they are far from ready to be giving away the additional Crown Land at HVR, and that it will not be allowed to be part of any bid.

Perhaps the stock seller realised that any opportunity at HVR is not likely to match the normal Newfound business model of land sales?

And is Brian Dobbin's commercial plan any different? I suspect it's actually similar to the original HVR plan, and does include the expansion land as its main driver.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

along with Dobbin a lot of you owners make me sick as well, as for broken promises,when I bought my property if I had taken the promises serious I would have had them included in my Contract, I did have in my contract a Chalet, with 1 acre plot and furnished, I have that like most owners have so where is the problem, oh yes I also purchased stock in several healty Companys over the years and guess what I have lost, do you think that I can also blame that on Dobbin or newFound as well, look at the possitive side of things instead of trying to spread doom and gloom with a lot of hate attached, if Dobin or NewFound are the higest bidder they will get the resor and there is not a thing we as owners can do about it

Daniel said...

The previous blog comment made here has had to be removed on request. It started: "I think there is a time bomb waiting to go off here ..."

This site is not here to cause offence to anyone, however it is a vehicle like so many websites & blogs for others to express their opinions and views. That said where a blog comment steps over the mark we recognise the need for an element of control.