Saturday, March 07, 2009

Humber Valley Resort - Tenders stage closed!

So bids are in for Humber Valley Resort assets, and the Court Trustees (Ernst & Young) have on Friday 6th closed that stage of the tender process.

We now have to wait to hear who has bid and what conditions they have set against their offer. It's bound to be a complicated process and it will be interesting to see if any of the bidders have linked their offer to provincial confirmation of the availability of the expansion land to the east of HVR.

Two bidders we do now about for certain: Brian Dobbin wrote to Chalet Owners on Thursday 5th declaring his intention to bring back some of the personalities of the past and to rebuild HVR. Additionally a group of chalet owners have been working on their bid over the last two months. We'll hear more about both of these and any others bidders this week.

More news soon ...


Anonymous said...

What Fantastic news !!!
wow i really do hope Brian and the gang get back into Humber, to me it was one of the most fantastic places i have been to. And i know several owners would be pulling their shirts over their heads and running , screaming into the sunrise for joy !!
i for one, would be back in a flash to one of the greatest places i have lived in on this planet ..just hope all the negative buggers have moved off into sunset ...i am so excited !!!
best news i have heard this year !!!
Jurgen Alan

Anonymous said...

Dear Jurgen, your comments are just over the top and totally misguided. You are obviously delusioned with your thoughts. This guy has destroyed people's lives.

I am so sorry that you take great delight in that his management incompetence has led to bankrupcies, foreclosures and great financial stress for most owners. They all bought into the dream of returns on their investment. Returns that never materialised. As stated already he has played with and destroyed people's lives.

It will take a long time to for approaching 300 owners, the huge majority of which don't want him back, to disappear into the sunset. You are in the minority my friend.

On my way to the sunset I think I might just stop off in court to have my day with the failed management team. By going for the assets again he opens himself wide for legal challenge.