Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Loonie is crazy! ... or the crazy Loonie!

The Canadian Dollar ... Do I need to say aything else?

Canadian Dollar vs US Dollar

AND US dealers are now being told to NOT sell to Canadians! ... you can't buy a snowmobile in USA and export to Canada ... I've tried - "sorry, not allowed!" ... and tried, and tried!
A Grand Forks snowmobile dealer said he's been ordered by Quebec-based Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. to stop selling snowmachines, ATVs and watercraft to Canadians who are looking to take advantage of the rising value of the Canadian dollar. Ron Thompson, owner of Gateway Sports in Grand Forks, said over the past two weeks, Bombardier - which manufacturer the popular Ski-Doo and Sea-Doo vehicles - ordered him to impose a surcharge to Canadians of several thousand dollars on sales, and ultimately to not make any sales at all. “Canadians want to buy a Canadian product, but I'm not allowed to sell it to them,” Thompson said. “I had more than 35 calls from Canadians last week and another 10 calls this week,” adding he had to turn ... FULL STORY
Every $0.01c costs the Corner Brook mill ... $3,000,000 per year !!!!
Newsprint giant Kruger Inc. cited the high Canadian dollar Monday as it indefinitely idled some of its capacity at its newsprint mill in western Newfoundland. Kruger said in a statement it is shutting down one of the machines at subsidiary Corner Brook Pulp and Paper.
Kruger Inc. will indefinitely close one of its machines at Corner Brook Pulp and Paper in November.(CBC) The machine, the smallest of four at the Corner Brook mill, produces about 80,000 tonnes of newsprint each year. "The company regrets having to make such a decision. Unfortunately, the high value of the Canadian dollar leaves us with no other choice," senior vice-president Daniel Archambault said in a statement.

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