Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WestJet pleased with first year of operation at Deer Lake airport

The first year of WestJet’s seasonal air service drew to a close recently and the company is pleased with the operation.

According to Avery, the company is still hoping to develop into the seasonal service into year round flights out of Deer Lake Regional Airport. Company CEO and president Sean Durfy said WestJet, which recently reported huge third-quarter increases in profits, is committed to increasing its fleet over the next five years.

“We’re continuing to grow our Newfoundland services,” Avery said. “We’ve expanded into Deer Lake of course and our service out of St. John’s has gone year-round and we’re hoping to grow the Deer Lake service as well. “Right now, we couldn’t go year round with the service out of Deer Lake because we simply don’t have the planes we need. But Sean Durfy just announced that WestJet is committed to building our fleet of 737s to 118 by 2013.
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