Friday, August 10, 2007

Deer Lake Airport (YDF) July-07 busiest month ever

The traffic volume for July set a new all-time record for any month in the history of the airport at 35,133 enplaning/deplaning passengers. The previous monthly record was established in August of 2006 at a passenger level of 29,022. Passenger growth at Deer Lake has been strong in each of the past six (6) years and this year is no exception with a year to date increase of 15% recorded to the end of July. Record traffic levels have been posted in each of the past seven (7) consecutive months of this year.
Jamie Schwartz, Airport Manager, indicated the airport has reached another milestone in its growth and development. “We were anticipating breaking the 30,000 monthly passenger threshold but we never expected to exceed the previous record by over 6,000 passengers,” said Schwartz. “Our new terminal facilities are certainly helping us manage an average of over 1000 passengers per day in addition to the many people who use the airport’s facilities to meet and greet travelers,” added Schwartz.
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