Friday, August 31, 2007

Visit n Blog - 31st Aug - Flight and Arrival

Friday 31st Aug - flight and Arrival
Everything was easy at Gatwick, and we arrive in Deer Lake on time at 6pm, pick up the car from Thrifty - and get going down the Trans Canadian Highway (TCH) heading west towards to Humber Valley Resort.

Driving along the TCH with Deer Lake stretching out into the distance on our right, makes a beautiful scene. We briefly stop in Pasadena (a small town to the east of the resort) to pick up some food for breakfast, and then its off to the resort, and it's club house - called Eagles Perch - to check-in.

A lovely welcome- and we're met by Jonathan ("hes back!"), who tells us whats happening this week - and makes sure we're all sorted.

We drive up to the chalet, and have problems with the driveway steepness. (Daniel says they had similar problems with the snow in April). The front wheel drive rental car only gets half way up, so its down to Daniel to bring the cases up to the chalet. Speaking as his mother, his language wasn't good - but hes excused!

Not the arrival Dan & Kate had hoped for, but I get a quick tour round the chalet - wow its amazing, and looks fantastic, and has a view to die for - we then unpack, and get off to the Beach House for supper.

Dan & Kate seem to know a lot of the staff, and theres lots of catching up going on. We have a good supper and a few drinks. (The mussels need fine chopped onions and a lot more garlic!) We also meet a new resort senior manager Paul Shelly, who seems very genuine and up for making changes for the good. Seems to be planning an excellent New Years bash. Theres a nice buzz in the place. This is going to be fun!

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