Saturday, September 01, 2007

Visit & Blog - 1st Sept - A washout & shopping day

We were warned that Saturday would be a washout ... and they were right! So we went to Corner Brook, and it became a shopping day. We visited Canadian Tire (to look for suitable shoes or boots), and then Walmart (for the same), and next door to Marks Wear - which is a great clothing outlet and good discounted prices. We had lunch at Jennifers, which is a charming combination of cafe and house-hold curiosities ... albeit both in a slightly strange way.
Then off to Sobeys for food - by which time its nearly stopped raining. Back at the chalet we jumped into the hot tub. Its a first for me, and was wonderful. My daughter Sarah, unbeknown to me had placed a £5 bet that I wouldn't get in - so that was easy money for Dan!

We cook chicken curry and nan for dinner, and put the world right in a wide ranging chat (see on youTube) ... !!!

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