Sunday, September 02, 2007

Visit & Blog - Sun 2nd Sept - A lovely day

The weather has cleared, and its a blue sky, perfect day - wow! We enjoy exploring the chalet and Kate completes her 6km run across the resort.

Then we're at the club house - Eagle Perch - and Daune sorts a good table near the window - that said all tables have excellent views, so theres no real stress. We enjoy the views (with the amazing 10th tee in the background). The Sunday Brunch spread was very impressive, and I initially I hadn't got to grips with the logic of return visits to try a range of dishes!

After the brunch we went across to Boom Siding, directly on the other side of the lake, opposite the Beach House. We checked out Dan & Kate's cabins - very rustic and perfectly positioned - why aren't they staying here? - The beach is good quality and has amazing views down the lake and across to the resort. We walk about a mile - a good way to spend the afternoon.

Then its back to chill out at the chalet, and later a light supper. The resort has a beach bonfire at 8pm, and we drop down to the Beach House, and take the wine down to the beach to join the party. The fire burns logs pulled earlier from the lake and is well made. They'd provided suitable long sticks and a few bags of marshmellows ... such great fun.

The first photo is just after the fire had claimed my marshmellow ... (more pics) Lots of fun, right next to the lake - and with so little light pollution, there were many more stars in the sky than you'd see in the UK.

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